A new challenge 

I find myself at a crossroads in my life. I’ve always had a direction, a goal, a passion.  I’ve been a real Jack of all trades in my life – advertising, pilot, interior designer, chef, sommelier and art dealer.  I’ve lived in 6 different countries, speak 3 languages. I’m married, have a 22 year old daughter – I divide my life in 3 countries and still travel a huge amount with my husband – we have a sculpture gallery and deal in sculpture from the mid-19th Century to present day. I no longer work in the gallery but travel with him for the international art fairs we do.

So!  grown up daughter.  Retired from the family business.  3 homes in very different countries……. but no direction, no goal.  

Looking for a new challenge, a new learning path.  A girlfriend said I should start a blog. I’ve never kept a diary, never kept a log of my life so this is a very alien thing for me to do.  

However, it’s a challenge and I do love a good challenge,  so here goes.

We had 3 days in Washington staying with the above mentioned girlfriend in Georgetown. I hadn’t been there since the 80’s!!!!  Amazing stay with lovely people and a gorgeous micro golden doodle – Thula – which means shut up in Zulu! 

If you are in the area in the next couple of months please please please go to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Hirshhorn Museum. I guarantee you’ll come out with the biggest smile on your face.  A real treat – courtesy of our wonderful hosts who organized a private view!  How lucky were we?

We then flew down to Norfolk Virginia to view the Chrysler Museum of Art.  This is a jewel of a museum with a wonderful collection of fine art, from Ancient Egypt to today.  The mainstay of the collection was compiled by the 5th son of the Chrysler family – yup! You’ve heard of the Chrysler Building in Manhattan, well that family.  Walter Chrysler dedicated his life to building his private collection. What makes this collection so special is the quality and the beauty of the works. Each and every piece is an exquisite example of its kind.  I found myself falling in love again with the Renaissance works and the Flemish old masters.  Having being in the art world for so long I admit to having become a tad jaded  – I know I’m sounding arrogant, but there are so many works we have come across over the decades  ‘in the business’ that seeing this quality and craftsmanship in the Chrysler collection thrilled me.   Really looking forward to another visit there. By the way, the restaurant and museum shop are excellent too. I got some really early, I know, Christmas shopping done!
It’s the Tefaf Spring Art Fair at the Armory in NYC and the gallery is exhibiting here.  Bowman Sculpture. We have a strong sculpture collection of Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin and a little jewel of a Picasso to name a few.  Some beautiful contemporary works to be seen as well.  

On another booth I  particularly liked a Korean artist Sung Hee Cho. She uses oils and rice paper to create a colorful, almost 3 dimensional canvas. 


Adrian Sassoon – ceramics – has some wonderful de-constructed Chinese porcelain objects. 

Kehinda Wiley’s ‘Akila walker’ on Sean Kelly’s booth

I’m hanging out with my brother and  playing tourist. Went down to the World Trade Center ; the memorial to 9/11 is wonderful. Beautifully designed water feature in the footprints of the twin towers.  Emotional!  

Cinco de Mayo – in NYC and it’s pouring!  

Flood warnings posted to our phones. The world’s weather has gone nuts. The Cape is experiencing temperatures in the 30’s, it’s autumn for goodness sake! The Luberon is sooo cold with the Mistral howling….the vines have frozen, so guess it will be a lousy harvest this year. Normally we are planted up by the 1st May, the terraces and garden all dressed in their Spring finery!  

That’s enough for a first posting. Back in a while


Author: michelebowman57

Cook, art lover, traveler, mum, wife, daughter, sister, animal lover, polyglot, vintner.....

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