I’m loving playing tourist here.  Wandered down to the Whitney Museum

Edward Hopper 1929
Joseph Stella – Brooklyn Bridge 1939
30 000 000 immigrants! Makes one think of the present day immigrants

Really enjoyed this collection.  The wonderful thing about  museums is how large their collections are, and how small a percentage is on display at any one time. So you never know what you’re going to see.

Loved this! Dyslexic detective.

The Whitney Biennal is on at the moment too. It’s too avant-garde for me so I see no beauty in the art. Could be my age!

Sunday was family time and my sister-in-law produced a beautiful brunch.

I’ve spent days wandering around.  My step counter is working overtime, but it makes up for the food that’s being consumed.  Went down to Chinatown today and checked in for dimsum – a few pics to make you hungry – Nom Wah Tea Palace. The food was delicious but a warning, portions are BIG.

We took a nice long  digestive walk over the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn.

Looking at Manhattan from the streets of Brooklyn
Manhattan Bridge – view down river

There is huge development happening in this part of the world.  We went to see the new Empire Stores, in Dumbo (down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). An amazing development in an old coffee warehouse abandoned since the early 1900’s, that has been restored and modernized in a sympathetic way.   A development my nephew has been involved in since the start of the project! 

Empire Stores – Dumbo Brooklyn

Headquarters to West Elm, the huge lifestyle furniture store;  Ciccone’s is opening soon;  Feed has just opened, a store with cool ecological products, whose profits go towards feeding the needy.

Self explanatory!  

Then took the New York Ferry up river, towards 34th Street. Again, huge amount of development on the Brooklyn and Long Island side.

One more day in New York, then heading back to London.


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