24 hours in Paris – Centenary of Auguste Rodin’s death.

It is quite amazing what you can get done in Paris in 24 hours!  Robert and I TGV’d Avignon Paris on Sunday to meet up with the gallery staff members.  This included the youngest member, Dexter, 12 weeks old, his first trip to Paris!  Naturally we arrived in time for lunch (Could not bear to miss a meal in Paris).   Cute little place in the 7th Arrondissement, 79 Rue Saint-Dominique…..Thoumieux.   Every Sunday they have a brunch which is served until 3pm.

Brunch at Thoumieux
IMG_6952 2.JPG
Burrata – yummy!

Sneakers on, time to walk off brunch, so we strolled across the gardens looking onto Les Invalides (where Napoleon is buried) to the Musée Rodin on the Rue de Varenne.  The museum has been recently renovated and they have done a wonderful job.  For years we have been visiting it in all it’s decrepit glory – it is now superbly restored and the  collection is beautifully displayed .

This is a great time to visit – Spring – the gardens are wearing their new greens, the roses are in full bloom and seeing the sculpture against the backdrop of bright blue skies is a treat.

Hotel Biron Musée Rodin
Le  Penseur
The Gates of Hell

Aperó time at one of the Costes restaurants overlooking les Invalides – Café de l’Esplanade before meeting up for dinner at Le Basilic an art deco Parisian bistro with seating outside all year round overlooking the basilique St. Clothilde and its gardens.

Up the next morning,  and a walk across the Pont d’Alexandre to our next rendezvous, Le Grand Palais  

Pont d’Alexandre

Remember the reason we came to Paris?  2017 is the 100th year of Rodin’s death, so for us that’s quite a big deal bearing in mind the gallery’s  expertise of Auguste Rodin’s work.  The exhibition is huge.  It also shows the influence Rodin had and still has on other sculptor’s and artists.

Annette Messager,  George Baselitz, Rodin

Here is a fun story……Rodin was working on the clay of the man with a broken nose – l’homme au nez cassé.  He had to go away for a few days and asked Rose Beuret to make sure she kept the muslins covering the clay sculpture damp so the clay didn’t dry out and crack.  Guess what?  She didn’t do a good job and when Rodin came home the back of the head had cracked and fallen off.  Here is a photo of the plaster and a photo of the finished head in marble.  Look closely to see how he solved a problem!

L’Homme au nez cassé

Any one of the below would do me fine!

Femme accroupie et Danaïde

Then off to the last meal!  Walking back along the Alexandre bridge towards the left bank there is a quay side restaurant on the right hand side called Faust a fun cocktail bar and restaurant in a great setting, filled with Parisians.  Definite recommendation!IMG_6994.JPG

Then the TGV back to Avignon……home in time for dinner!


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