A river runs through it…

Up and out the house for breakfast at Poilane Cadogan Gardens – boiled eggs and soldiers, yummy, my fave, together with one of my fave girlfriends!  Girl’s morning out and we decided to do something different, so we uber’d to  Tate Britain which was not our destination, and jumped on the Tate boat headed for Tate Modern – to see the Giacometti exhibition.  Definitely worth a visit and definitely take the boat.  It was beautiful on the river.  It seems strange that we don’t use river transport more as it is a great way to get around London, if you are heading west/ east.


Alighting on the south bank, we walked past the Shakespeare Theatre (in the round) and strolled along the river bank, looking across to see St Paul’s and that beautiful skyline of the city; we had a poem written for us by the Poet for Hire and listened to  a lady busker singing in a beautiful lilting Irish voice.

The Giacometti exhibition is wonderful and covers his career from Switzerland in the ’20s, to Paris in the ’30s, back to Switzerland for the duration of the Second World War and then back to Paris, until his death.  Sadly we were not allowed to take any photographs but suffice to say following his journey was so interesting, from his early works influenced by the likes of Rodin, Arp, Brancusi, Picasso, Archipenko, Miro,  not to mention the influence on him of African and Oceanic Tribal art.  Many post war artists were influenced by him as well, Moore, Bacon, Paolozzi, Calder to name a few.

Go see it, it’s really worthwhile, and take the river boat!



Author: michelebowman57

Cook, art lover, traveler, mum, wife, daughter, sister, animal lover, polyglot, vintner.....

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